What To Expect During A General Dental Check-Up? 

Seeing a dentist for a regular check-up is extremely important. In order to maintain good oral health, a check-up is recommended every six to twelve months. Oral health is linked to overall physical health, so it follows that looking after your teeth and gums should be a priority. In this blog post we discuss how to prepare for your appointment and what happens during a general dental check-up: the dental exam, teeth cleaning, oral health education and treatment recommendations. 

Preparing For Your Appointment 

Preparing for your general dental check-up is relatively simple. If you’re a first-time patient, you will need to fill out some paperwork listing your medical history. This is important (especially if you are on medication) because your dentist needs to know if their anesthetic will pose a risk based on any conditions you may have. Other than the paperwork, all that’s required is arriving on time and being prepared to ask the dentist any questions related to your oral health. 

The Dental Exam 

During your general check-up, your dentist will use one or several methods to inspect your teeth and mouth. A visual inspection, periodontal exam and dental X-Rays may all be performed in order to check for cavities, gum disease and any underlying issues with your oral health. This is a crucially important part of the appointment because it helps to identify any concerns early on and allow for treatment as soon as possible. 

Teeth Cleaning 

After the dental exam has finished, your dentist will proceed to clean your teeth. They will use specialist tools to scrape away any plaque that has built up on or in between teeth. They will then apply a fluoride solution to your teeth to remove harmful bacteria that have settled on the surface of teeth. While brushing your teeth and flossing is the best way to achieve good oral health at home, a professional scale and polish once or twice per year will leave the cleanliness of your teeth unparalleled. 

Oral Health Education 

Following your teeth cleaning, your dentist will have identified areas in your mouth that require additional attention at home. They will instruct you how to care for your teeth and gums properly and describe the most-effective techniques for doing so. 

Treatment Recommendations 

If, during your general dental check-up, your dentist identified any underlying issues with your oral health, they will recommend further treatment according to the problem. This may be a filling, teeth-straightening devices, a root canal or other treatment. Most times, your dentist will be prepared to begin treatment immediately. In some cases, you may have to come back for one or more follow-up appointments. 

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