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If you want a safe experience in the removal of your wisdom tooth, contact us here. Our dentists have extensive experience in wisdom teeth removal and we’ll help you manage the pain and ensure you’ll have a quick recovery.

Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

It’s a common problem to have an emerging wisdom tooth to be extremely painful, especially for those in the ages 17 to 25. Because of the lack of space in the back of the mouth, the emergence of a wisdom tooth may cause inflammation and infection. It may even cause decay and damage in the adjacent teeth.

As a result, it’s urgent to remove the wisdom tooth even when it’s just a mild pain. Many patients even choose to have all the four wisdom teeth removed before they cause any pain and other problems. If you also want to avoid the pain and other potential consequences of having an impacted wisdom tooth, you can contact us today and book an appointment.

The Removal Process

During the extraction process we make it a painless experience by using anaesthetics. We’ll make sure it’s all safe and you feel comfortable during the procedure (which could only be an hour). Usually it’s simply about extracting the teeth from the jaw and in some cases we may also have to remove some bone from the jaw to complete the procedure. We’ll fully explain to you what’s about to happen before we perform the surgery.

After the surgery we’ll also provide you with a complete after-care process. This way you can better manage the pain and the wounds will heal quickly, cleanly and completely. Make sure though that there’s someone to take you home after the surgery because once the anaesthetics wear off, you’ll feel groggy and unfit to take yourself home.

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For immediate wisdom teeth removal because it’s already painful: weekend and after-hours appointments are available, or you want to avoid the pain in the first place, call us today. Give us a call today on 03 4310 3811 or contact us online.

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