Teeth Straightening

If you want an integrated teeth straightening treatment that improves both your smile and facial features, dento-facial aesthetics is perfect for you. This will help perfectly frame your smile and optimise your confidence.

Whether it’s a quick cosmetic treatment or a therapeutic one for long-term results, our experienced dentists will ensure an optimal outcome and a smooth process. We will come up with the best strategy for you to achieve the perfect smile.

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Here we take the most modern approach. For example, we’ll use the SmileStyler system to straighten your teeth. It’s a clear aligner system that still allows you to eat the foods you want and brush and floss your teeth like you used to. If this is right for you (contact us today to find out), there’s no more need for inconvenient and ugly braces. The SmileStyler system will gently shift your teeth into place while you resume your normal lifestyle.

For this treatment to work, a dentist will first check if you’re suitable for SmileStyler and then he/she will use a 3D scanner to create accurate 3D digital images of your teeth. The result will be custom-made invisible aligners that you have to wear for a prescribed amount of time. The dentist will personalise the entire process and treatment so that you can achieve the perfect smile as fast as possible.

Every step of the way we’re always here for you as we regularly monitor your progress. We’ll also help you better take care of your teeth so that they will stay straight. We also go beyond improving the aesthetics because we’ll also guide you into how to maintain your oral health in the months and years to come.

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