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Providing dental treatment to residents of Ballarat since we opened, Ballan Family Dental dentists are committed to providing a regimen of comfort, care and hygiene to the Ballarat community. We have treated residents of Ballarat with top-quality dental care since we first flung wide our doors and this is evident when you read our reviews. We are a popular choice for residents of Ballarat due to our affordable fees, level of skill and attention to detail. Emergency dental work, cosmetic dentistry treatments and regular check-ups are all within our area of expertise if you live in nearby Ballarat. 

Ballan Family Dental provides a comprehensive range of dental services to local dental patients, including: emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, bi-annual check-ups, root canals and dental implants, sleep apnoea therapy and paediatric dentistry. Ballan Family Dental staff are trained to deliver mild and gentle children’s dental care. 

Ballarat to Ballan 

Getting from Ballarat to Ballan can be achieved by train or car. It’s one stop on the train from Ballarat for Ballan. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes. Alternatively, driving down the M8 Highway takes 30 minutes – a ride share service will cost you close to $40. 

About Ballan Family Dental 

Ballan Family Dental is a five-star clinic. Warmly-lit and inviting, our clinic houses the best dental equipment and staff. Staff are well-trained and highly experienced at diagnosing and treating all oral health conditions. Every treatment from scale and cleans to serious cosmetic surgery can be handled by our team of experts. Our number one priority is helping Ballarat residents and other locals enjoy a healthy smile for life. 

Our Dental Services 

Join the host of our neighbours who have discovered top-quality, affordable and caring treatment at Ballan Family Dental. We welcome patients of all ages who need the following services: 

  • General Dentistry – Emergency dental work, dental implants, routine check-ups, wisdom tooth extraction and much more. 
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Enhance your smile with professional teeth whitening, dental veneers, implants (crowns and bridges), Botox treatment and other cosmetic services. 
  • Family Dentistry – Looking for a family dentist near Myrniong? Look no further, Ballan Family Dental are enthusiastic about helping our young and old alike keep healthy smiles which last a lifetime. 

Visit Our Clinic Today 

Need a general check-up or suffering from something a little more serious? Please do the best thing for your oral health and call us at Ballan Family Dental today. We can be reached by phone on 03 4310 3811. Alternatively, use the 24/7 booking system on our homepage. We look forward to treating you soon. 

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If you’re looking for a friendly and reliable dentist in Ballan, then contact the team at Ballan Family Dental. Give us a call today on 03 4310 3811 or contact us online.

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