Invisalign VS Braces 

Sometimes, due to no fault of our own, teeth become crooked or misshapen and require corrective treatment. There are two main types of teeth straightening devices that dentists use to correct the shape of teeth: invisalign treatments and dental braces. The decision to utilise either one of these treatments requires an understanding of their pros and cons. In this blog post we discuss the differences between the two treatments to help you make an informed decision when your teeth need straightening. 

Traditional Braces 

Traditional braces have been a popular choice for teeth straightening for a long time. They work by affixing metal or ceramic braces to the teeth and threading a steel wire through each brace. The steel wire is gradually tightened which pulls the teeth into place over time. Elastic bands are also used to keep the device in place. Traditional braces require an initial consultation to fix the braces to the teeth. Several follow-up consultations are also needed in order to tighten the wire and check for any problems. 

Exploring Invisalign 

Invisalign is a relatively new method of correcting the position of teeth. The treatment works by use of clear plastic retainers that are shaped to teeth and gently push them back into place over time. Retainers are moulded to the teeth and carefully adjusted by dentists in order to produce results. The first consultation for Invisalign treatment involves taking a 3D scan of the teeth to produce the first retainer. Follow-up consultations are needed in order to produce additional retainers as teeth gradually begin to move back into place. 

Pros and Cons of Braces 

Traditional braces are more effective at treating complex cases of misshapen teeth. They are also highly durable and cannot be lost throughout treatment, as they are adhered to teeth using strong dental glue. On the flip side, dental braces are highly visible which may cause concern to self-conscious patients. They also make eating certain hard and sticky foods impossible. 

Pros and Cons of Invisalign 

As per their name, Invisalign treatments are relatively invisible and produce a better aesthetic than traditional braces. They can be removed which means there are no dietary restrictions needed when undergoing treatment this way. However, Invisalign treatments require focus and attention to detail, namely, wearing the retainers twenty hours per day. They can also be lost because they are removable. Finally, Invisalign treatments tend to be more expensive. 

Both treatments take anywhere from six to twenty four months to be considered effective. Invisalign treatments can be used any time except the most complex of cases. Traditional braces can be used anytime. 

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