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Because of the cost, potential discomfort, recovery time, anxiety and other factors, you want to avoid dental surgeries as much as possible. However, it might be the only way to solve your dental problem.

To gain assurance and peace of mind, contact us today. A highly experienced dental surgeon here will make the procedure painless and comfortable. Every step of the way we’ll make it a smooth experience so you can still think about other important matters such as your work, studies or family.

Whether it’s wisdom tooth removal or an orthodontic extraction, Dr Kumar will use the latest, safest and most comfortable techniques when performing the procedure. With his expertise in dental treatments and procedures, you’ll gain peace of mind about the outcome and your comfort.


To ensure a comfortable, painless and smooth experience, we use a range of sedation options such as general anaesthesia, nitrous oxide, penthrox and sleep dentistry. With these our patients always feel comfortable and worry-free while at the dental chair. Patients also gain peace of mind because of our state-of-the-art clinic and modern approach to dental treatments.

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People of all ages choose us because of our expertise and history in dental surgeries, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and children’s dentistry. Children, teens, adults and families always feel at ease because we’re always there for them even after the procedure.

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