Dental Braces

A simple and effective way to straighten your teeth is through clear dental braces and aligners. These can help fix misaligned, gapped and crooked teeth as well as make chewing easier, more uniform and more comfortable. Braces also help create enough space for an implant.

Clear Dental Braces Ballan

Here at Ballan Family Dental we use a modern approach in straightening teeth. Instead of metal braces, we use Invisalign which is a series of clear aligners. You can easily remove these when it’s time to eat or brush your teeth. Say goodbye to ugly metal braces and say hello to clear aligners that we will custom design and fit for your specific orthodontic requirements.

For a straighter and perfect smile, book your Invisalign consultation today and we’ll clearly explain how it works.

We’re There for You

The Ballan Family Dental team is committed to helping people achieve a better smile and greater confidence.

We will answer any questions you have about Invisalign, explain the step-by-step procedure and let you know about other solutions. We want you to have the best and complete information about the treatment you’re about to go through. And once you’ve finalised your decision about your Invisalign journey, we will then start the procedure and regularly review the ongoing results for adjustments. Finally when you have the desired results, we will then take off the aligners and advise you of oral health and after-care strategies to keep your teeth straight. We’re always there for you every step of the way even after the treatment.

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